Active kids for a healthy future.

Today we live in a world where we must find ways to create physical challenges to stay strong and healthy. Interaction with technology has occupied the average child’s free time. Very few schools have frequent physical education, leave alone the space for play. This has resulted in an increase in health risk factors, social struggles and future health risks for our children.

Any Exercise, is better than no exercise.

Just limiting screen and gadget times amongst youngsters can help improve their health significantly. The same applies for adults. Any activity with movement is beneficial. Aside from getting physically fit, developing athletic skills, building confidence and making new friends, sports and exercise have many benefits to our children. Let us keep them off the phones and screens and encourage them to be physically active. Take your kids out to walk in a nearby park or nature trail. Encourage them to look for birds, bugs and other interesting wildlife.

Sports And Exercise Can Benefit Kids.

In addition to increasing concentration and improving self-esteem, the novel task of learning movement provides the following:-

  • Helps children to develop sensory skills.
  • It improves their mental awareness
  • Develops strong bones and a healthy heart.

The good thing is that you don’t need a fancy gymnasium or organized sports to keep your kids active. Bear crawls, swimming, skipping, fun and easy obstacle courses are a great way to go. Remember to break it down according to their age and keep it as simple as possible.

Teach a child the right way, they will not depart from it.


As parents, we sometimes assume that our children are motivated by the same things that motivate us. Make them understand why they are doing what they are doing. Their motivation and adherence to exercise will improve. If a child does not excel in the handful of sports they maybe exposed to, their participation in them will undoubtedly become negative as well. It is important to ask them how they feel about exercise or a sport that they participate in. Don’t force them into sports that you love. Ask them to make a their choice.


Are you a good role model for your child?

One of the most positive things you can do as a parent is to engage in physical activity with your kids. It is important that they see you enjoy being active. For a child to have success with a behavior change strategy, at least one parent must participate as well. A research from the International Journal Of Obesity And Metabolic Disorders also suggests that having one obese parent increases the likelihood of childhood obesity threefold. A child is 75% more likely to be involved in a sport if one of their parents is involved in it. Be a good role model for your children.


It shouldn’t just be about participation medals and happy faces, kids should be encouraged to stick to their commitments. If a child finds it tough at a team, as a parent, encourage them to overcome the obstacles. Leaving for another team or changing the sport shouldn’t be the only option. It helps them to learn key lessons which can be applied to life outside sport. Inspire them and create family time for physical activity as well. Teach a child the right way and he will not depart from it when he is old.


Make it fun and keep it simple.

In most schools, exercise is used as a form of punishment. This is a major reason why many of us have hated it since we finished school. I remember being asked to do ten laps around the field for being late. This made me dislike running. Sadly some schools are so academically focused that kids don’t get time to play. Play isn’t just great for their academic performance, it also improves their social skills.

If our children hear us talking about healthy habits as some sort of punishment for indulgence. Their perception will be negative on the same. Make it fun and keep it simple. We unquestionably need active kids for a healthy future, let us all encourage them to be active.