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Sweat it Out Together: The Advantages of Working Out Together

Are you frustrated by your lack of commitment to an exercise program? Are you ashamed of yourself, for dropping your gym membership? You might be the only one who is going through the frustration. When it comes to physical activity, there is a likelihood of sticking with your program if it is fun and varied. […]

Balancing Act: Juggling Work, Life, and Fitness Commitments.

Exercise should be treated as an opportunity to celebrate what your body can do. It isn’t a punishment, as we all treat it. Find a time that works for you and make it regular. Whether it is early in the morning, in between your breaks from work, or in the evening,.

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Exercises like the bench press, biceps curls, lat pull-downs, leg press, ab crunches are an easy go-to, especially for men in most fitness facilities across the globe. After doing these exercises for an extended period of time they might find they’ve hit a plateau. The workouts aren’t producing the same results anymore. MOVE IN DIFFERENT […]


On several days you might skip one or two sessions because you stayed up late or got ill. Family and friends might visit and interfere with your schedule. Other times it might be because of travel, over-commitment to work, parenthood, or school. Pay attention when setbacks, stumbles, tumbles, slips happen but press eagerly to the […]


The world of health and fitness is hyper-competitive hence as fitness trainers, we are slowly losing the art of designing safe and appropriate fitness programs. Today’s world presents us with clients who may only get to meet with us once or twice per week. Maybe thrice and if they are lucky and may do very […]

It Takes Two.

It Takes Two.

Feel Fitness Center is located in Garden Estate on Balozi Road. We clearly, understand that a gym is a place where people from all walks of life come to work out and spend time. Most of us, with the hopes of changing our lives by creating healthier lifestyles with exercise routines and dietary changes. It […]