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Building Community and Fitness Together.

Join us, and you’re not just signing up for a workout – you’re becoming part of a tribe. Together, we’ve sweated through spin classes, supported local charities, and even conquered mountains (figuratively and literally). So, lace up those sneakers, because at Feel Fitness, we’re not just shaping bodies, we’re shaping futures – one rep, one laugh, and one summit at a time.


The world of health and fitness is hyper-competitive hence as fitness trainers, we are slowly losing the art of designing safe and appropriate fitness programs. Today’s world presents us with clients who may only get to meet with us once or twice per week. Maybe thrice and if they are lucky and may do very […]

Go the distance.

Rise and grind, or snooze and lose—the eternal struggle between morning warriors and night owls. Whether you’re throwing punches at dawn or doing a moonlight dance with dumbbells, the important thing is to break a sweat, not your spirit! A workout at any time is better than none. In the quest for a healthier you, […]

Staying Injury Free.

Warm-Ups A simple rule of thumb states that whatever the exercise, always start with a good warm-up. It might seem like a drag when your time limited but it is unquestionably beneficial in the long- run. Recent research shows that warming up enables you to exercise for longer, and makes exercise easier and greatly reduces […]