Healthy Living.

Diet is an area in our lives in which we have almost total control. Amazingly no one wants to give up on the foods they love. I wouldn’t imagine going a day without ‘ugali’ (a type of maize meal eaten in east and central Africa) on the dinner table. Blame my culture, if you wish, […]

Active kids for a healthy future.

Today we live in a world where we must find ways to create physical challenges to stay strong and healthy. Interaction with technology has occupied the average child’s free time. Very few schools have frequent physical education, leave alone the space for play. This has resulted in an increase in health risk factors, social struggles […]



There’s something about weekends that sends caution and calories to the wind.

wheel moving

Keep The Wheel Moving.

Although the health benefits of exercise have been understood for years, the pandemic may be the catalyst that can finally encourage the general public to begin adopting healthier lifestyles.  Physical activity is finally being recognized by the general public as a means of achieving and maintaining optimal health. Pandemic Within The Pandemic. During this challenging […]

move well


Exercises like the bench press, biceps curls, lat pull-downs, leg press, ab crunches are an easy go-to, especially for men in most fitness facilities across the globe. After doing these exercises for an extended period of time they might find they’ve hit a plateau. The workouts aren’t producing the same results anymore. MOVE IN DIFFERENT […]

stay safe


The health benefits of exercise have been understood for many years. The  Covid-19 pandemic may be the catalyst that can finally encourage the general public to begin adopting a healthier lifestyle. Find ways to safely stay active during these challenging times to stay focused on your health and fitness goals. As the medical community begins […]

healthy community


At Feel Fitness, we exist to encourage the community to take responsibility for their health and fitness.  Our mission is to transform communities by providing quality individual and corporate fitness solutions.   We boast of a cadre of experienced and skilled fitness and nutritional experts who will walk the journey with you. They will help you […]

be the compass


The primary desire we have as health and fitness professionals is that our clients make steady forward progress towards their intended goal. It could be weight loss, improved energy levels, better sleep quality, or enhance overall well-being.  We are therefore considered mentors and role models to our students. Aside from being knowledgeable about exercise prescription, […]