Conquering Mount Kenya: A Three-Day Adventure Through Forests, Moorlands, and Summit Glory.

Have you ever embarked on a hike so epic that your legs turned to jelly, your backpack felt like a lead weight, and you swore you’d never look at another hill again? Well, that was me just a few days ago! But before you write me off as a cautionary tale of ‘never hiking again,’ let me take you on a journey through the highs, lows, and hilarious moments of my latest adventure on the Mount Kenya trails. Buckle up (or should I say, lace up those hiking boots) we are just about to start our climb.

Different days, different trails, same hike.

Day one.

We kicked off our adventure at the Sirmon gate, striding through the forest like modern-day explorers on a mission. Nine kilometers of pure forest magic unfolded before us, each step revealing more of nature’s jaw-dropping beauty. We were on high alert for buffalo sightings! But alas, all we found were some impressive dung decorations along the tarmacked road to Old Moses Camp, perched 3400 meters above sea level.

Despite the potential buffalo ambushes, our team breezed through day one like seasoned pros. With pre-hike preparations that would make even Bear Grylls proud, our squad was unstoppable. Combine that with our flawless teamwork and Mother Nature throwing us a bone with perfect weather, and you’ve got a recipe for hiking success that even the buffalos couldn’t mess with! Four hours later, we were at camp.

Day two.

Rise and shine, fellow adventurers! Day two began with breakfast so early, even the birds were still hitting snooze. But fueled by caffeine and excitement, we hit the trail as the sun was still rubbing sleep from its eyes. Picture us, marching through the moorland like a squad of wilderness warriors, except instead of armor, we had our hiking sticks, boots, backpacks, and a fierce determination to conquer the day.

Our destination? The legendary lunch point, is perched majestically above the Mackinder Valley. But before we could feast on snacks and trail mix, we had to navigate through grassy terrain that made us feel like we were trekking through a giant’s backyard. Along the way, we spotted the lobelia and groundsel plants. Sincerely, that wasn’t even the best part yet.

We were thrilled to find streams of fresh water flowing like nature’s own water fountains, it was the best part of our adventure. Instead of using hydration stations, we were able to refill our water bottles straight from the source and felt like intrepid explorers discovering liquid gold. While others were stuck in their daily routines, we were out there living our best life, finding refreshments one stream at a time. What an Easter!

Coach Philip.


Day three.

We were bright-eyed and anxious at the ungodly hour of 2:30 am, all for the ultimate thrill of our adventure. It was our time to shine, our eyes locked on the grand prize. We were a determined bunch, dead set on conquering the summit and making our way back down to the Old Moses Camp on the same day.

Armed with our trusty headlamps, our snacks, and our water, we kicked off our ascent at 3:15 am sharp, fueled by the promise of witnessing the breathtaking sunrise from the majestic Lenana peak. This was no ordinary hike; it was our quest for dawn’s golden spectacle, and we were ready to seize every moment of it! All the chanting and singing that had been experienced the previous day slowly came to an end as we went higher and as the altitude took effect. Step by step in a single file we made it up 4 hours later.

Challenges and rewards.

Ah, imagine the chaos! With anxiety keeping our eyelids wide open all night and the cold sneaking through our layers, we were a bunch of shivering messes. But you know what took the cake? Our dream team of guides, chefs, and porters turned out to have appetites bigger than Mount Kenya itself! They practically devoured our food stash! But hey, looking back, we realized that if they hadn’t, we might have been too well-fed to summon the energy for that epic summit push.

Despite the sleepless nights and the battle for snacks, nothing could dampen our spirits regarding that sweet victory at the summit! The nine brave souls of the Feel Fitness crew triumphed without a hitch. And let’s give a round of applause to our trusty cameraman, who, despite almost passing out at the peak, managed to capture the moment like a true champ!

Top tips for summit success.

Alright, listen up fellow adventurers! Let’s sprinkle some fun into these summit tips, shall we? Because hey, who said climbing mountains couldn’t be a blast?

Prep like a Pro: So, you want to conquer Mount Kenya? Start with the warm-up hikes, folks! Think of them as the appetizer before the main course. Start with gentle strolls in Karura Forest or the Arboretum, work your way up to moderate treks like Ngong hills or Kilimambogo then stretch it to the Aberdare range with the likes of Elephant Hill, Rurumeria or Satima and before you know it, you’ll be tackling Kenya like a boss!

Sweat it Out, Baby: Get that heart pumping, folks! Whether you’re cycling like you’re in the Tour de France, swimming laps like a mermaid (or merman), or jogging like a horde of zombies is chasing you, just keep those large muscles moving and that heart rate soaring! Strengthen your lower body muscles, your abdominals, and lower back as well. Overall body strength is required for a hike.

Team Spirit, Hoorah!: It’s not just about the climb, it’s about the crew! Bond with your team like you’re on a reality TV show (minus the drama, hopefully). Regular hikes together aren’t just about getting those steps in; they’re about building camaraderie, knowing each other’s quirks, and being each other’s cheerleaders when the going gets tough. Trust me, a solid team bond can make even the steepest slopes feel like a walk in the park!

Feel Fitness.

Gear up: Proper hiking gear and equipment are sometimes overlooked but it might just break or make your hike. Ensure that you acquire the proper sleeping bag, backpack, hiking bag, hiking boots, rain gear, trail snacks, hat, head-lamp, gloves, water bottle, sunscreen, and the right attire for hiking and warm clothing for the night.