“Mastering Lower Body Training: The Key to Building Strength and Power”

Leg Day

From very many years of trial and error, practice, skills, experience, knowledge, and patience. When it comes to lower body training, I believe that if you want some wheels or thighs that can save lives you must be ready to put in the work. There is completely no harm in skipping a session or two of any other body part but not leg day. Good things only come to those who don’t skip leg day. Are you not aware? Maybe then, you also skip the gym on leg days. Don’t you?

Warm-up well and stretch after your leg workout.

I have not said that you shouldn’t train your upper body. Perhaps, I should start off by letting you know that the muscles in your lower body make up the biggest muscle groups in your body. Therefore, the lower body can and should handle more volume. Don’t forget that squats and other big lifts like the deadlift end up working the entire body, not just your lower body. You want to get jacked, strong, lean, toned, whatever you want to call it, just prioritize your lower body training.


I don’t have days when I just train glutes or quads or hamstrings but I love to focus on key movement patterns.

(a) Prioritize the knee dominant movement patterns.

The squats and lunges are great for great overall lower body strength. Make them a chunk of your program but strict form and technique are very important. Always be cautious of your knees and lower back. Ensure that the muscles and joints are well warmed up and don’t forget to stretch well after.

(b) Hip Hinge Patterns.

Involves the deadlifts and the back extensions and will mainly hit the glutes and hamstrings. A strong hip is a good thing to have when it comes to heavy lifts. I try to ensure that my hip mobility is on point and the muscles attaching to it are both strong and flexible. These consist of the hip flexors, the core, hamstrings, and the glutes.

 (c) Bridge patterns.

Also include the thrusts and hip bridges in the mix. The back or posterior leg muscles are key in our daily movements and yet they are usually neglected.

  (d) Isolate as well.

I also train my leg muscles in isolation, the hamstring curls, single leg extension, single stiff-legged deadlifts, and the seated abduction. But the basic movement patterns make up the foundation of my programming.


Don’t neglect the single-leg stuff.

Training has been such an integral part of my life that I never imagine stopping. For more than ten years I have always loved to train my legs on Mondays. I love the experience of starting off my week at zero. I sort of love to start the week strong with a challenging workout, leg day does it for me. It feels good to work hard and it sets the tone for the entire week.  Try to switch your Mondays to officially be the international leg day instead of chest day and don’t forget to thank me later.


Squats and deadlifts have been unquestionably the absolute staples when it comes to building strong and lean wheels. But I have never neglected the single leg stuff. Want some good-looking wheels? do lunges. They have helped me to build on a strong core,  great balance, coordination, and mobility in my lower body. Variety is what makes it fun.