Go The Distance.

Most of us find it easiest to stay consistent when they work out first thing in the morning while some prefer evenings. Just make sure a sweat session happens since a workout at any time is better than none. Focus on getting the right mindset too, because preparation is the key to success. Deciding to change doesn’t mean it will be easy or it will happen overnight. Do it for yourself. Do it for your health. There is nothing more important than our good health, that’s our principal capital asset.

What does fitness mean to you?


You might want to bulk up, look great in a bikini, fit back into your favorite pair of jeans, to have more energy when with the kids, sleep better or maybe you want just want to try a hike or run a 10km race. Set your goal, nevertheless. What does fitness mean to you? Write your goals down. Paying attention to how much you do something, pushes you in the right direction. It also helps signal your brain that you are making a commitment to achieve success.


Working out with a trainer or partner may give you the much-needed motivation to show up.

Start your climb but be accountable. Working out with a partner or trainer can give you the extra motivation to show up. Try telling your partner or kids about a new routine and it may help you stay with it. They will hold you accountable. Many of us have experienced ‘failure’ every other time we have resolved to join a gym, run every morning before work, or stick to a diet. Every bit of progress comes from making changes and will become a habit then eventually a lifestyle.


If you embark on your exercise regime without expecting obstacles to get in your way, you might be headed for disappointments. Due to travels, ailments, over-commitment to work, hangovers, or bad weather conditions you may skip a session or two. How do you cope with such obstacles to progress? Do a few laps in the pool on your next trip or do a quick routine right in your hotel room before your meeting. Be flexible as you explore and seek for an alternative course of action. Be prepared for obstacles as they arise.

Find something fun and make it simple.


From the facial expressions, we often see at the gym, it is likely that most people don’t get pleasure from the workouts they are doing. Keep it simple, don’t make exercise a chore. It may take you a bit of time to find what you like but find something that is fun.


  • Reward yourself on the small achievements.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself, expect relapses.
  • Not everything that passes your lips should be low-fat, low-calorie and bursting with vitamins.
  • Keep track of your progress and revisit your goals often to stay on track.
  • Hold the habit, eat healthy and be consistent.
  • How are you planning on staying active this year? Email us at [email protected] incase you need help.