Though we can’t lace up your sneakers and do the push-ups for you, at Feel Fitness Center we will walk the fitness journey with you all the way. “Will exercise really help me lose weight?”.” Which brands of home equipment are most reliable?”. “Which weight training exercises are best for beginners?”. “What are the best workouts for a six-pack?”. “Will diet soda help me lose weight?” We have been asked severally. Before you make your resolutions, have you clarified why you want to improve your fitness or health?

       SET GOALS

You need to set concrete fitness goals. We can help you assess your current fitness level through a fitness test based on your aerobic capacity, flexibility, body composition, muscular strength, and endurance. The assessment helps to know the starting point.  It is always wise to break your progress into a series of short term goals. Include small non-food related rewards like a night at the movies, a new pair of sports outfit for successfully reaching each goal. Goals should be,

  • Specific- “I want to lose 4kg” instead of “I want to lose weight”
  • Measurable- “I want to work out for more than an hour without fatigue” instead of “I want to have more stamina”.
  • Achievable-“I want to embark on an effective weight-loss program to reduce my clothes size over the next 12 weeks” rather than “I want to drop two dress sizes before my wedding next month”.
  • Relevant to you-“I want to take charge of my health and fitness” not “my husband wants me to lose a few pounds”
  • Time-bound- “I want to get a flatter tummy by the time I go for a holiday in 8 weeks ” instead of “I want to get a flatter stomach”

                  WANT TO GAIN WEIGHT.

For weight gain, combine a strength training program with smart dietary choices.

The basis of a successful and healthy program for weight gain is a combination of a strength training program and increased calories taken. Strength training will help you add weight as muscle rather than as fat. To increase calorie consumption, eat more high-carbohydrate foods, including grains, vegetables, and fruits. As with weight loss, a gradual program of weight gain is the best strategy. Remember a diet high in fat carries health risks, and your body is likely to convert dietary fat into body fat rather than muscle.

                     WEIGHT MAINTENANCE.

When your weight is stable, you are burning approximately the same number of calories that you are taking in. If your goal is not about losing or adding weight but to feel better and live longer, getting some physical activity 3-4 days a week and include cardiorespiratory training and strength training in your program. Don’t throw caution to the wind and eat anyhow, you have the control you need if you want to keep your “happy weight”

Try out our variety of group classes from 6:00-7:00 every Monday to Friday morning and evening.

                         FAT (WEIGHT LOSS) 

Most of us are battling surplus fat and the problems associated with it, from heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, depression to low self-esteem. Take the stairs, walk, cycle to work, reduce fatty, sugary and processed foods. The key is to be aware of your opportunities to affect your energy balance and to make healthy choices as often as possible without making you feel deprived. For the best chance of sustained fat-loss, combine regular exercise with smart dietary changes. Participate in lots of cardio exercises (rowing, running, dancing, jogging, cycling, swimming) and track your physical activity and diet and you will do great.  Try our group classes and never forget,

                                                energy expended > energy consumed = weight-loss

                                                energy expended = energy consumed = weight maintenance

                                                 energy expended < energy consumed = weight gain   

                     MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE.

It is important to maintain regular exercise in order to keep the results you have achieved.

When you get the hang of this exercise thing, you may find that you want more of a challenge, you may want to test yourself with a 5km run, a hike, a fitness challenge or obstacle race.  Increase your training gradually to avoid injuries or seek out for the help of a professional trainer to hold you accountable or call us on +254780297429 and we will be happy to help. Given a chance to walk that road in pursuit of health, would you at least try?