Staying Motivated

Staying motivated is a  dynamic and sometimes difficult process for us. Both in exercise and life, the best way to stay motivated is to appreciate the smallest wins and to improve bit by bit. The human spirit always wants to improve. We may have the desire to improve our careers, education, knowledge, skills, wardrobe, self-confidence, and belief. There is no harm in wanting to look better, sleep better, save more, travel more, eat healthier, stop smoking or stop taking alcohol. We can always get better. Well, with exercise, it is the start, not the end that matters. We are never too old to get moving and improve our health, but how do we stick or adhere to regular exercise?

Be prepared to deal with disappointments

When life happens, it could interrupt your well-laid-out planned exercise routine. Since relapses are bound to come – when you are ready to return, ease back slowly. Take your time and build gradually back to the fitness level that you were at. Listen to your body, it will tell you if it is overwhelmed. Complacency and feeling demotivated can cause us to get distracted from our exercise routine. We get caught in being busy, start to give excuses, get comfortable and stuff ourselves with calories, slowly we pile on the pounds. We have to find a powerful reason to convince our brains that energy expenditure is worthwhile. Especially after every holiday season.

You need an exercise/fitness partner

If you have been stuck in a no-exercise runt then Feel Fitness  Center would love to be your new exercise/ fitness partner, we can help you get back to the initial fitness level that you were at. If you are committed to shedding those extra pounds, then our fitness programs will be helpful. We have a great community and family because we leave no one behind. We have strategically developed programs designed to make exercise easier, effective, engaging and FUN. We are inspired to do what we do because we enjoy helping you reach your fitness and health goals.

“…we have developed programs designed to make exercise easier, efficient, engaging and FUN…”

feel fitness

A workout doesn’t have to feel like work.

feelfitness hike
Bond with nature and unwind.

A brisk walk, a bicycle ride, swimming, playing a game with the kids can trigger a surge of feel-good hormones. To make exercise an easy choice, find a time that best fits into your regular routine. Try piece together chunks of 15 minutes of exercise sessions throughout the day. Three such sessions in a day are sufficient to feel the benefits of fitness. When exercise is fun, you are more likely to stay on it for the long haul. Take advantage of the sceneries as you take your vacations, bond with nature and unwind.

Take time to rest your body

Missing a class or two is a realistic probability as stated by the American Council on Exercise. It happens to all of us, travel, injury, illness, high -stress periods, family crisis and holidays are part of our day to day lives. Commitment to exercise should not assume a higher priority than the commitment to work, family and LIFE. On a positive note, rest when life happens, you can as your body needs optimum recovery to perform better in your next session.

Find Balance, Be Fit, Be Happy.

The road to a better life and healthier choices is marred with past disappointments, busy lifestyles, procrastination,  limited knowledge on health and diet. At Feel Fitness Center we know and understand this and we want to not just be your exercise buddy, but also be your fitness trainer, diet and nutrition consultant and your number one fan as you walk this road to feel fit, feel happy, be healthy and find balance in your life. That is part of our plan towards a #healthycommunity. Find the balance and make exercise a lifestyle.