Fitness should be all about making positive shifts to feel our best. For most of us, overwork is the new normal. Resting means late-night TV binges or hours spent on social media. Our attention has become more fragmented every day as we have our phones on our laps while watching television while having our laptops open. In as much as we might be well schooled in what is necessary to live healthier lives, caretaking responsibilities, work, fatigue and lack of personal time prevents us from making wellness a priority. Coupled with levels of stress we undergo, rise in depression, obesity, lower back issues, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease rates.

A workout is an opportunity to see how well we can move, lift, flex, challenge and coordinate ourselves.

The ways in which the body can move have been experienced millions of times, evolved and devolved since warriors discovered that voluntary movement was fun. Humans maintained and improved their physical performance while navigating forests, rocks, hillsides, and other environmental obstacles as part of their survival. It is no longer the same for us, thanks to urbanization. If only we could ditch the lifts, bus/car in favor of active commuting, walk more, bike more and eat healthily, we would have found the safest way to health.

If only we could ditch the lifts, our cars, bus in favor of active commuting.

For exercise, every bit of progress comes from making difficult changes and sustaining them for a period of time until they become sustainable. Deciding to change doesn’t mean it will be easy or it will happen overnight. It is important to realize that what gets us fit and healthy isn’t a specific exercise or a specific food but the consistency of dedicating ourselves to keeping ourselves fit. For beginners, focus on low-intensity programs and build gradually as you progress.

General health, strengthening and improving core muscles, getting our body fat percentages into a healthy range and keeping our hearts and lungs in optimum shape should be prioritized at this stage.

Healthy eating does more than nourish the body.

For the rest of us who already exercise, illness, injury, holidays, busy period at work might force us to take an extended break from our routines. A return to the gym or any form of exercise that we do is always tough. Ease in gradually until you regain your fitness. At Feel Fitness Center, as we strive to ensure a HEALTHY COMMUNITY, our aim is not only to get people moving but to keep them active long term. A workout should always be an opportunity to see how well we can move, lift, flex, challenge and coordinate ourselves. Don’t agonize about skipping a few sessions in the course of the week, create balance in your life, enough work, fun, exercise, rest and of course enough time for self-care. Movement is a journey, not a destination. Fitness is a lifestyle, commit to it but keep the bigger picture in your mind-your HEALTH.