It Takes Two.

It Takes Two.

Feel Fitness Center is located in Garden Estate on Balozi Road. We clearly, understand that a gym is a place where people from all walks of life come to work out and spend time. Most of us, with the hopes of changing our lives by creating healthier lifestyles with exercise routines and dietary changes. It is therefore imperative that we find people who understand the importance of nurturing successful client relations through professionalism, trust, and communication.


At the facility, we boast a cadre of passionate trainers who can create safe, effective and fun exercise programs that take into consideration the gender, age, and stage in life that you, our client is in so that they can address your unique needs. We meet many people who have lost their passion, interests, and identity. Women, especially moms; sacrifice for our children, families and are laden with other responsibilities that we forget and lose ourselves in the process.

Investing in a trainer is really investing in yourself.

Miriam, a mother of two boys and a teenage daughter and founder of Kienyeji’s Foods, is one such mum. She narrated her story when she first walked in. “I have always had a weight problem. I tried gyms before and lost interest. I am not happy with my physical state and I know I need a trainer’’.

After our assessment, we embarked on a journey of training thrice, then, four days weekly. It took many hours of planning, pain, disappointments, joys, and victories. Nevertheless, with discipline and self-control, it was all worth it, a year later! 

Investing in a trainer is really investing in yourself. It may seem expensive but give it a month or two and see how it goes” she went on. To help you be successful, find your place, your passion and set realistic manageable exercise goals and most importantly invest in professional help,” she concluded.

Miriam is the founder of KIENYEJI foods, she has found her niche in the healthy traditional foods.

Our clients motivate and inspire us on a daily basis, and we are constantly encouraged by Miriam and many others who have a commitment to the process and have discovered their strengths through exercise. Exercise promotes better sleep, appetite, enhances your mood and gives you younger-looking skin; it is the best anti-aging remedy and arguably the best option in the prevention of lifestyle diseases. Prevention is better than cure any day, in fact, every day!

At Feel Fitness Center, our main goal is to empower you on fitness and health matters for a healthy you and consequently a HEALTHY COMMUNITY. Contact us on +254720297429 or +254780297429 for more.