You needn’t become a fitness-clothing junkie like some of us, but buying new workout shorts or comfy new athletic shoes can get you fired to exercise. You feel like a workout pro, and let your fellow exercisers know that you are part of the team. Getting into fitness opens up a whole new world of shopping opportunities.


You are safer running in Karura forest or a school ground next to where you live.

It is amazing to see thousands of Kenyans running every morning or evening on our roadsides. However, there has been an increasing number of fatalities as well. Runners have been hit by bikers and motorists. You are safer running in Karura forest, the Arboretum grounds, or school grounds closer to where you live. Some residents are lucky to have cycling or jogging lanes set aside for them.  Make good use through this Covid-19 Crisis. Next time you go out, consider wearing luminous or brightly colored outfits that are visible.


Fitness, comfort, and safety should be your foremost concerns when dressing for the gym. Shorts, sweatpants, track pants, or yoga pants should allow you to perform a full range of motion when doing leg workouts. Choose tops and tees that will absorb sweat and won’t restrict your range of motion. Footwear and sports bras are key and yet greatly overlooked by most of us.


Wear the right footwear for hiking, running, walking to avoid ankle, knee, and hip injuries.

You need a good pair of gym-training, kickboxing, walking, hiking, or running shoes to avoid foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back problems. A good pair of sports shoes is less expensive than orthopedic or physiotherapist visits. Be prepared to spend a little extra if you want a reputable, durable pair of trainers that suit your activity. They should be comfortable enough and ensure that you are getting the stability, cushioning, and grip that you need.

Focus on how the shoes feel more than how it looks.

Fit comes first, allow a finger’s width in the end as your feet will expand as they heat up and sweat. Any rubbing or discomfort is likely to get worse, not better.



  • Focus more on how the shoe feels more than how it looks.
  • For runners, the shoe that’s best for you depends on your weight, shape of your foot, running style. It should fit well with a fairly flexible sole at the balls of the feet and offer a balance of shock absorption and support.
  • Shoes for the gym should offer a low, wide base of support to give stability in forward and lateral movements.
  • Be specific and ask for shoes that suit the activity you are going to do.
  • Seek advice.


Consider the fit, comfort, and support when looking for a sports bra.

One piece of sports kit ladies need to invest in is a sports bra to prevent excessive bust movement when exercising. Consider the fit, comfort, and support. Over time, too much bouncing damages the ligaments that hold up the bust. It might also be a cause of lower back pain.

  • When trying on a sports bra you should imitate the movements you intend to perform in it, to ensure bounce is contained.

  • Look for flat seams to avoid chafing.

  • Choose fabrics that dry quickly ( wick away sweat) so that your body stays dry and comfortable.

  • Once you have found a good sports bra, don’t forget to replace it after 4 months, if yours is looking a little grey, it is probably time for a new one says Sam Murphy the author of The Real Woman’s Personal Trainer.