“Minimize Diet Damage: Tips for a Healthy Weekend”

There is something about weekends that sends caution and calories to the wind. Brace yourself, weekend warriors! It’s time to navigate the tantalizing temptations that threaten to sabotage your well-crafted diet plan. We’ve all been there—Friday hits, and suddenly, our healthy intentions take a nosedive. But fear not, because I am here to help you minimize the diet damage and emerge from the weekend unscathed. So grab your forks and get ready for a tasty journey filled with tips to keep your weekend guilt-free and your waistline intact!

Eating and entertaining go hand in hand.

In Africa or anywhere else in the world, when you eat with friends, you consume 50% more than you do alone. It is probably never about the food, but the tendency to lengthen the meal to keep the good times going. The next time you are hosting, try shifting the balance from drinks and dinner to smart snacks or non-food activities like a game, a singing contest, a workout, or a dance.

This was a tough week; I deserve a splurge.

As humans, we all love to get rewarded. We all deserve it, especially after a long week of traffic, work, family, or any other responsibilities like school. Unfortunately for many of us, “something special” usually comes in the form of food. You can’t change what makes you happy, and you shouldn’t, but you can minimize the damage to your diet. Treat yourself to a movie, a massage at the spa, or a hot pair of sneakers, and thank me later.

Plan your weekend around activities, not meals.

You can’t change what makes you happy, and you shouldn’t, but you can minimize the damage to your diet. Treat yourself to a movie, a massage, or buy yourself new sports shoes or a watch, and thank me later.

Coach Philip.

I have been up all week; let me relax.

Although I know that planting myself on the couch for hours can lead to trouble, I am one of those who hates to leave the house on the weekend. Maybe it is because I run around all week, and on weekends I just want to kick back. As a fitness professional, the early mornings and late evenings do leave me exhausted. But don’t we all tell ourselves, “I have been up all week; let me relax?” The immobility quickly adds up, and boredom is also one of the best overeating triggers. A long stretch of inactivity can also inspire compulsive nibbling.

Cocktails before dinner.

Have the wine with your meal

With no early morning wake-up calls and fewer responsibilities, we all don’t think twice about a cocktail dinner. Most of my clients do the same, and I love that they are honest about it. A cocktail before dinner, then another while you eat, and maybe a few more after dinner. Have the wine with your meal, and swap the fries for veggies, not chocolate cake.
Choose high-quality drinks you will want to savor over high-calorie fruity concoctions, but keep this in mind. Alcohol breaks down inhibitions, so it is harder to make healthy food choices when you sit down.

Obligations throw us off our usual routines.

Treat yourself to a new pair of sports shoes, a massage, a smart watch, or a movie.

Between running errands, spending quality time with the kids, grocery shopping, and household chores, our weekends are often too packed to accommodate our regular diet and exercise schedule.  But all it takes is a few adjustments. Here are some great examples to start with.

  1. Have a late breakfast if you know you will be on the road all afternoon.
  2. Toss a low-calorie energy bar, nuts, or an apple into your bag or purse on your way to the shopping mall. It is a smart way to avoid temptations from the food courts.
  3. Plan active family outings on weekends. A game of tennis, a swim, or a mini-hike with your spouse or kids are great ways to start.
  4. Treat yourself once a week. If you must have a drink, have a lighter beer or a small piece of cake. Then you won’t feel deprived and desperate to call for home delivery on your favorite fast food app or drink by the end of the week.
  5. Use the extra time to do something good for yourself. Chop your veggies for dinner or prepare healthy snacks to carry to work next week. Use the time to plan ahead.
  6. If you want to grab a bite, stick to lunch; it is easier to eat light, and you probably won’t order cocktails over lunch.
  7. Try a little active relaxation. A light jog, bike ride, or even better, a half-hour walk, goes a long way, even after a tough week. Make sure to keep the intensity low.