Have 100% pure fruit juice at breakfast.

At Feel Fitness Center we educate and sensitize the community on the importance of improving their health and well-being one step at a time. Our dedicated staff will walk with you and help you become an expert in your own progress towards the new behavior that supports diet, nutrition and fitness changes.

Healthy eating does more than nourish the body. It enhances your ability to enjoy life to the fullest by improving overall wellness both physically and mentally. Using your knowledge and understanding of nutrition to create a healthy diet plan is a significant step towards wellness.

Proper hydration is an important aspect of wellness.

There is a need for urgent action to encourage people to change their lifestyle and dietary habits. Some types of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiorespiratory ailments, Stroke, and Obesity are preventable if only good habits such as regular participation in physical activities and proper dietary habits are enhanced by all.

The moment you realize your potential and that you have the power to initiate a change that will affect the rest of your life for good. Diet is an area in your life in which you have almost total control and below are some tips that could be of help us to achieve A HEALTHY COMMUNITY.


  1. Carry a fruit to work to snack on instead of buying chips from the restaurant next to work
  2. Add more veggies to your evening meal
  3. Have a wide variety of food choices. Sticking to the same meals leads to boredom
  4. Swap your usual chips for a salad next time you are eating out.
  5. Remove refined or processed foods from your kitchen
  6. Have 100% pure fruit juice at breakfast
  7. Ensure that you are adequately hydrated always.
  8. Ask God to give you the desire to eat healthy foods.

Regular exercise, adequate sleep and hydration, stress management, and healthy nutrition are central to a good wellness plan.

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