“Finding Motivation to Adopt Healthier Habits During the Pandemic: Importance of Exercise and Movement”

wheel moving

Although we have understood the health benefits of exercise for years, the pandemic may be the catalyst that can finally encourage us to begin adopting healthier lifestyles. I am excited that engaging in physical activity is finally being recognized by the general public, as a means of achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Pandemic Within The Pandemic.

Due to the reduction in healthy movement behaviors during this challenging period, our physical and mental health have been compromised. Even though, there seems to be more awareness on the importance of staying active. We might actually be having a pandemic of physical activity within the Covid-19 Pandemic. With the on-going lockdowns, there has been a decrease in physical activity and an increase in leisure screen time among the youth and the general public.

We Will Survive.

All said and done, you have a job or school or kids or a pet. You also have previous habits, feelings or you have stress or days when you feel like crap. Plus Netflix. On the other side of it all, you might have lost a loved one, a business, a job, and much more. You also might be recovering from the pandemic or caught up in a lockdown somewhere. Hang in there, we will survive this one too. You are not alone. The vaccine is here. The Olympics are here, who knew? Follow the prevention protocols within your region as advised by your leaders and the World Health Organization.

Don’t Isolate Yourself.

 Use active transport or walk your kids to school.
Make Life your movement.

Beginning or maintaining an exercise routine is paramount for both physical and mental health and it is especially important during this health crisis. Whatever the circumstances don’t allow yourself to go into self-pity, don’t isolate yourself or pour it out on social media. As health and exercise professionals, we have the opportunity to encourage others to find ways to safely keep moving during these challenging times.

Incorporate Movement In Your Daily Activities.

Regular physical activity benefits both the body and mind. It can reduce high blood pressure, help manage weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers – all conditions that can increase susceptibility to COVID-19. Be encouraged to stay active.

  1. Make life your movement by engaging in a family workout, skip the car wash and clean your car or house. Have you tried to walk the dog or play with the kids?
  2. Use active transport and walk your kids to school. Save on the fuel or transport and bond with them whenever you have the time.
  3. Celebrate efforts to be active throughout the day.
  4. Focus on developing healthy behaviors including adequate sleep, hydration, nutrition, and overall well-being.
  5. Instead of waiting to do a whole hour of exercise, it is okay to have short bouts of exercise spread out through your day. Just keep the wheel moving to boost your immunity.

Let’s All Be involved As Stakeholders.

The WHO and the entire medical community have been at the forefront of highlighting the role of exercise in reducing the risk of fatality from Covid-19 and other diseases. In as much as there is an emphasis on personal hygiene and vaccination. We must be involved as stakeholders. Communities have been educated and sensitized about the importance of being physically active. The county governments should also expand access to green spaces, parks, schools and other community spaces. Under the safety guidelines provided by different governments, qualified exercise and health professionals should also allow for safe, structured physical activity experiences.