How to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey: Tips and Strategies for Success.

Struggling to keep up the motivation to exercise? You’re not alone. Many of us kick off our fitness journeys with boundless enthusiasm, only to see our drive fizzle out over time. But don’t worry – staying motivated is possible! In this blog, we’ll uncover powerful strategies to keep your fitness fire burning, even on the toughest days. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, these tips will help you stay on track and committed to your goals. Ready to reignite your passion for exercise? Let’s dive in and explore some fantastic ways to stay motivated!

Two Reasons That Keep Me Motivated.

I fear the consequences of not taking action.

If I woke up this morning and didn’t feel like going to work, I wouldn’t call my boss and say, “Hey, I don’t feel like showing up today, so I’m taking a pass.” Nope, I’d drag myself in anyway. Well, most of the time, at least. The stakes are high when it comes to skipping out on exercise, too. Being sedentary can invite a host of uninvited guests like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, lower back issues, obesity, hypertension, osteoporosis, and even depression to crash your party.

Imagine lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to machines, thinking, “If only I had gotten off my butt and taken care of my health!” Missing work could get me fired, but neglecting my health? That could get me an extended, all-inclusive stay at the hospital. And trust me, the room service there is terrible. So let’s get moving and avoid those ‘wish-I-had-done-more’ regrets!

I am excited about the rewards and benefits of being proactive.

My other key reasons for embarking on a new fitness journey are what kick me out of bed each morning. Even when there is that small voice that seems to always suggest otherwise. Staying active not only keeps those non-communicable diseases at bay, but it also helps me manage stress – it’s my go-to vent, if you catch my drift. Exercise is like a magic potion: it boosts mental health, skyrockets confidence, amps up self-esteem, and even spices up your love life (hello, testosterone!). Plus, it blesses you with better sleep, healthier eating habits, and a level of discipline that would make you proud of yourself. So, give it a shot. Trust me, if you haven’t started yet, you’re missing out on one heck of a ride!

Be held accountable.

On several days, an exercise session acts as a stress reliever, gives me time to clear my mind and focus on the workout before me, on my own. It is sort of my ‘me’ time. After two decades of being at it. Sometimes, my morning run maybe the only time I am alone, all day. However, if you are just starting off, it might be hard work figuring everything on your own. A family member, a workmate, a coach, neighbor, mentor may be all you need to keep you going.

Even if you workout alone, changing things up with a buddy every once in a while can help you workout harder and learn new moves. Having someone in your corner will hold you responsible for staying on track.

Coach Philip.

They will also have your back and get you out of bed on days you don’t feel like it. When you are working out alone and reaching your goals, you might give yourself a pat on the back. That isn’t merely as exciting as setting goals together with a partner and celebrating together. Make it social.

Mix it up and enjoy.

Adding variety might also help you to stay motivated. Try to mix up your exercise to ensure you actually enjoy it too! Just because everyone around you is running, that doesn’t mean you have to. Running is not the only way to improve your health; try a range of fitness options until you actually benefit physically and mentally. Workout variety also challenges your body in unique ways, which may introduce you to new muscle groups you didn’t even know you had. Be creative and spice it up. A swim, a walk, a favorite sport, a bike ride, or a hike could just be as beneficial.

No matter where you are on the fitness scale, you can probably find a trip that will be right for you. From CrossFit, Spin classes, Yoga, Marathons, Zumba, Dance, Pilates, Functional fitness classes, Cycling, Adventure sports, Hikes….name it. Sniff around and find a good one.

Feel Fitness Coach.

Keep track and don’t forget to reward yourself.

I recently participated in the last Standard Chartered Marathon and I finished 10 km in an hour and fifteen minutes. In as much as I don’t love running, my aim is to run my next race, the same distance, under an hour. Tracking my progress on my weekly runs has helped me make adjustments on my training program. You are more likely to stick to your exercise routine when you can see the progress you have made. When you track progress, you can see improvements you have made, which can motivate you to keep going. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

A workout buddy, a coach or spouse might be all you need. Make it social.

Find Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Day.

Exercise should be treated as an opportunity to celebrate what your body can do. It isn’t a punishment and we shouldn’t treat it as such. Find a time that works for you and make it regular. Whether it is early in the morning, in between your breaks from work, or in the evening,. You are good to go. Any form of exercise is better than no exercise at all. Just in case you miss a session or two, pick yourself up and keep going. Embrace movement in your lifestyle, and your body will thank you in the years to come. Stay motivated.